Thursday, February 12, 2009

MAD for some bags, bowls & spoons

Just got back from The Museum of Art and Design where I enjoyed viewing Yuken Teruya's Ten Cut Paper Bags. These images are of similar pieces, but MAD doesn't let you take photos and they don't have any of these images on their site. Yuken lives in Brooklyn. Maybe I'll see him in Prospect Park with Keri Russell (saw her in the park last week 5 seconds after seeing a whole spread in New York Magazine about how she lives in my neighborhood).

There are so many cityscape themed objects to be found but this one just glowed- literally, they displayed it on a lit pedestal, which is the only way to see it. I am of course referring to Jay Musler's Cityscape Bowl from 1989.

There's a time lapse video of Jill Townsley's Pyramid falling down slowly over time. Apparently the plastic in the spoons breaks down and it's supposed to represent art's impermanence... or something. I was hoping it would fall while I was there. It didn't.

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